Logistics company founder wins female business award

Lana Kruger, chief executive officer and founder of The Megna Group – the only female-founded and owned logistics company in Australia has been announced as a winner in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards. Lana was awarded silver in the Multicultural Excellence award, as well as being a finalist in the Business Excellence, B2B Service Excellence, Rising Star, and Sustainability categories.

Lana has been given the opportunity to be one of 20 mumprenuers to co-author a book which will be published globally in December. The AusMumpreneur Awards are an independent awards event designed to celebrate mums in business.

Lana is a logistics expert who has worked for numerous global logistics organisations. After emigrating to Australia in 2011 she launched The Megna Group in 2018 – a one-stop total solution in packaging, warehousing, distribution, international freight and more. Now located at Brisbane Technology Park, Megna Group enables business brands to increase their bottom line by automating their processes and tailoring their logistics to suit their unique products and customers. 

The Megna Group specialise in e-commerce freight & 3PL (warehousing, picking & packing). Lana says: “For me, the opportunity was clear – to be an innovative logistics solutions company that was agile, fast-thinking, fast-paced and creative. And to always be ahead of the constantly changing needs and demands of e-commerce customers. I wanted to be a provider who is innovative and who simplifies solutions to add value to your bottom line whilst empowering brands to scale effortlessly – whether the client is a start-up or a multinational company, we want to make things simpler.”

She adds: “When brands started introducing personalisation and customisation to their products, especially through online retailing, I realised logistics companies lacked the ability to respond quickly and effectively to support e-commerce brands to enhance their customer experience through fast, cost effective parcel delivery. To enable brands to truly differentiate was what motivated me to start a logistics company that would focus on helping e-commerce brands exceed customer expectations.” 

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